Bluewaters Island, Dubai

10th Jan 2015
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Geobag Wall, Coastal Protection Works


Bluewaters Island, Dubai


Ecocoast was contracted to install a temporary retaining wall to cover approximately 500m of beach to protect Bluewaters Island in Dubai during construction works for a period of approximately 2 years.


The ocean-facing strip of land on the newly reclaimed island off the coast of Dubai’s Marina area was being subjected to severe erosion. This was encroaching upon the temporary roads and buildings involved in the development of the island, threatening to potentially disrupt the ongoing construction work and cause substantial losses of time and costs. The protection structure needed to be cost-effective, quick to install and removed at the end of construction works.


Ecocoast installed over 1,800 units of sand-filled Geosynthetic Containers (bags). The resulting retaining wall is a robust solution, enabling the client to avoid continually having to purchase sand and regularly re-nourish the beach whilst construction work on the island is ongoing. The Geosynthetic Containers can also be quickly removed at the end of construction works to create a useable beach.