Fairmont, Ajman

20th Jan 2015
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Trapbag & Geobag, Coastal Protection Works


Fairmont, Ajman


Ecocoast was contracted to carry out emergency protection works at the Fairmont Hotel’s beach in a fast-track project to be completed in a short timeframe so as to not delay the hotel’s opening.


The hotel’s beach is subject to high waves and rough seas, particularly during Shamal season. The hotel’s retaining wall was built close to the hotel perimeter with a step down to the beach. The hotel owners wished to protect the hotel’s perimeter as well as create a larger beach that flowed directly from the hotel without a steep drop-off.


Ecocoast developed a new solution for coastal erosion protection using a combination of Trapbags and Geosynthetic Containers (bags). The wall consists of a 2m high Trapbag® wall faced with over 300 bags to create a heavy duty protection wall that is 15m in front of the Hotel’s original concrete retaining wall. On completion the wall will be buried completely and invisible to Hotel guests until a significant storm event brings it into play.

Trapbags were originally designed for emergency flood protection in the US, but they are also ideal for coastal protection works. Due to their speed of installation and cost effectiveness they are a quick solution to short term erosion protection or as part of a longer term emergency protection plan for one-off or irregular storm events to protect key assets. We’ve been working with Geosynthetic Containers in the UAE as a solution for coastal protection for years, and now using a combined design with Trapbags, we can offer an advantage in both the speed of installation and price.