Hilton, Abu Dhabi

02nd Jan 2012
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Submerged Toe, Coastal Protection Works


Hilton, Abu Dhabi


The design and construction of a protected, low maintenance, high quality beach to create value for the hotel rather than a financial burden. A long-term asset-leveraging solution.


Severe erosion was being caused by a combination of high tides, wind swell and boat wakes being generated from the deep channel in front of the beach and hitting the steep beach slope in the tidal zone. This was causing loss of beach and reduction of area for beach facilities and guests.

Ongoing beach nourishment was proving costly and caused disruption to guests, which was resulting in a significant reduction to the value of the beach and resort.


Initial sand nourishment to stabilise beach, coupled with submerged toe structure to create a perched beach to protect beach and prevent erosion.


  • Long-term solution: Creation of a stabilised beach without ongoing disruption from re-nourishment activities.
  • Cost savings: Reduced need for re-nourishment.
  • No impact on ocean views: Submerged structure, minimum 2m below sea level at low tide.
  • No risk to safety of guests: Submerged, soft structure, and will be a minimum of 2m below sea level at low tide.