Event Equipment Hire

A fleet of marine equipment is available for hire for event professionals. Ecocoast supplies marine equipment on a hire-only basis, or provides the full service including manpower.

Non-event equipment is also available for hire from spud and block barges, crawler excavators to vibro hammers.



Spud Barge
(Modular 288 m2)
Spud Barge
(Modular 225 m2)
Total Area• 288 m2
• Configurable from 36 m2 to 288 m2
• 225 m2
• Configurable from 27 m2 to 225 m2
Dimensions• 24m x 12m x 1.7m
• 8 no. 12m x 3m x 1.7m
• 15m x 15m x 1.5m
• 5 no. 9m x 3m x 1.5m
• 4 no. 7.5m x 3m x 1.5m
Maximum Safe Load245t195t
Construction8mm reinforced steel deck & side walls10mm reinforced deck plate S 275 JR with 125 x 75 8mm angle supports inside with 1 compartment and 2 manholes
Ramps2 x 9m x 0.8m – 80t capacity2x 9m x 0.8m ramps – 65t capacity
Spuds2 x 14m x 20" diameter spud legs - hydraulic lift2x 14m x 14’’ diameter spud legs – manual & mechanical lift

Vessel NameTintinTCBSinbadAlibaba
Length (m)
Width (m)3.23.652.32.1
Depth (m)
Capacity6 persons10 persons8 persons8 persons
Engine2 x 115 HP Outboard 2006
(4 stroke)
2 x 115 HP Outboard 2015
(4 stroke)
2 x 115 HP Outboard 2006
(4 stroke)
2 x 115 HP Outboard 2007
(4 stroke)
Build Year2010201020001999

Vessel NameColonel PuffPablo
Length (m)4.34.0
Capacity2 persons2 persons
Engine1 x 25 HP Mariner 2012 (2 Stroke)1 x 20 HP Honda 2006 (4 Stroke)
Build Year20122006

Catamaran Pontoons (10m2)Catamaran Pontoons (16m2)Plastic Pontoons (Modular)
*see notes below
Pontoons (Modular 56m2)Steel Pontoons (Modular 18m2)
Total Deck Area9.6m216.8m2 (5.6m x 3.0m)Any size• 56.25m2
• Configurable into multiples of 18.75m2 up to 56.25m2
18m2 per unit
Dimensions5.5m x 2.3m x 1.7m6.0m x 3.75m x 1.95mEach unit measures 500mm x 500mm x 400mm• 7.5m x 7.5m
• 3 no. 7.5m x 2.5m
6m x 3m x 1m
Weight250kg250kg7kg eachApproximately 6t per unit
Maximum Payload500kg500kg300kg/m2 at 100%; 150kg/m2 at 50% single layer5t
Construction5mm rolled aluminum floats with individual
compartments. Frame from 50x50 box section. Deck made from marine ply & aluminum cladding. Each unit breaks down to fit into a standard shipping container.
5mm rolled steel floats. Frame from 25mm and 50mm pipe. Deck made from marine ply and 1mm steel plate cladding.HMWHDPESteel frame with gratings, HDPE floats
Mooring4 point or 2 point mooring options4 point or 2 point mooring options
*Notes: Each unit connects with locking pins into any size required. Quick to install and remove. Suitable for use as temporary or permanent jetties, firework pontoons or work platforms. • Accessories include ladders, bollards and handrails. • Decks can be covered with carpet, marine ply, steel or other surfaces as required to suit the application.