Rock Solutions

Ecocoast is regularly involved in the design and construction of sea defences and beach improvement works using natural materials, such as rock, especially in cases where rock construction is the most viable solution in terms of time, cost and design.

This more traditional construction method is suitable for both robust designs and smaller structures when rock is easily and cheaply available and aesthetics are not an issue. 

Our coastal protection works with rock span the design and construction of groynes, breakwaters, revetments, retaining walls and toe structures.


Having experience with a range of traditional and non-traditional marine construction methodologies, Ecocoast is in a unique position to offer its clients the best solution to suit their requirement, budget and deadline.

Often a combination of construction methodologies will present a more effective solution depending on the location and level of protection required, such as geotube core covered with rock armour.

Case Study

Fishing Harbour, Umm Al Quwain

THE BRIEF The project was to increase the size of the Umm Al Quwain Fishing...