Special Event Services

Ecocoast regularly designs, constructs and installs temporary facilities for events companies. Ecocoast's special events work covers the full service of marine works from planning and project management, government approvals, construction, installation, manpower, to equipment supply and removal.

Ecocoast’s experience ranges from full service marine works for major fireworks events, such as New Year’s Eve, to smaller events such as Hotel, Restaurant and Residential Development openings, boat shows or other leisure purposes.

Ecocoast understands that the temporary nature of special events requires meticulous planning and risk assessment, tight deadlines with no room for delays, coordinated project management and teamwork, and practical contingency plans.


Our offering includes:

  • Barges and pontoons for fireworks and other marine activities
  • Floating docks, marinas and berthing for boat care
  • Temporary jetties, barge ramps and floating stages
  • Artificial beaches for sports events
  • Temporary navigation channels and markers

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