TrapBag® barriers provide protection wherever a secure barrier is needed. They are used for temporary or permanent protection against beach erosion, flooding or mudslides, or to act as water control, safety or construction barriers.

Due to their speed of installation and cost effectiveness, they are ideal as a quick solution for short-term protection or as part of a longer term emergency protection plan for one-off or irregular storm events to protect key assets.

The bags are environmentally friendly. They can be recycled and have UV protectants that help extend their lifecycle up to 10 years.


Ecocoast developed an innovative design for coastal protection, using Trapbags and Geobags. Click here for more information.

To get all technical specifications, visit the website of our manufacturing brand, Ecobarrier.

Case Study

Fairmont, Ajman

THE BRIEF Ecocoast was contracted to carry out emergency protection works at the Fairmont Hotel’s beach...