Beach Nourishment

A cost-effective means of maintaining a healthy beach.

Ecocoast regularly carries out beach nourishment works to create a healthy beach by for example reducing erosion scarp and sand loss, widening beaches, or replacing poor quality sand.

These works are generally coupled with beach cleaning works to improve the quality of the beach. We manage the entire process from survey, design, approvals, sand supply to profiling and cleaning.

What types of sand do we use? As a general guideline, course beach sand is less affected by wind and wave erosion and creates a more stable beach, requiring less cleaning. For pure back-filling purposes, sand that has a higher percentage of silts is usually more cost-effective. Our beach sand study gives more details about what kind of sand can be found on Dubai beaches.

Ecocoast usually works with a variety of sand and fill material for use in coastal protection projects, ranging from high grade beach sand to back-fill and due sand. General types:

• Beach sand (dredge material)
• High grade beach sand (small natural shells)
• High grade beach sand (pure, fine, white)

Interested in knowing the difference in sand quality along the Dubai coast? Access study here > 


Case Study

The Westin, UAE, Beach Nourishment

Background Ecocoast was contracted to carry out beach nourishment works at The Westin, as its...