[VIDEO] Ecobarrier Bubble Curtain officially launched

Ecocoast partnered with Canadianpond.ca to introduce their Bubble Tubing®- Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains - to the MENA market.
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BREAKING NEWS – We’re officially launching our Ecobarrier Bubble Curtain. A groundbreaking solution for collecting silt, foam, floating and subsurface debris from our marine environment before they reach our oceans, and attenuating shock wave impact from blasting or pile driving.

Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains are suitable for short to long-term use in ports & marinas, ponds & lakes, canals & waterways, coastlines and intake structures, including offshore environments.

Benefits of Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains are:

  1. Open to marine traffic: Vessels can pass over the top of the barrier at any time, so marine traffic can flow freely. No visual impact.
  2. Easy to install (self-sinking) and re-install: Can easily be removed and redeployed in a different location.
  3. Easy to operate and maintain: Can operate 24 hours a day with no supervision. Maintenance is kept to a minimum – no maintenance of piping, only routine maintenance of compressor.
  4. Low running costs.

Watch the video!