Marine Pollution Solution: Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains

Ecocoast partnered with to introduce their Bubble Tubing®- Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains - to the MENA market.
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It is hard to get your head around the effect we are having on the ocean until you see the facts and figures. They are so shocking that they appear almost unreal. A staggering amount of floating debris – of which the majority is plastic – enters our oceans on a yearly basis. Much of it comes from places where good waste management systems are missing, or from dumping carelessly on land. The plastic items are carried by wind and rain into drainage networks or rivers that then flow into the sea. The amount of ocean debris is estimated at 5.3 to 14 million tons each year, just from coastal regions, killing millions of marine species.

Marine pollution is a global challenge, which needs to be addressed from multiple angles, both behavioral and technological, and from prevention to restoration.

Our work with The Ocean Cleanup is tackling the issue of ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. However, plastic is not the only issue. We also need to consider silt, sediment, pollutants and other debris that enter our waterways through construction, development and everyday living.

At Ecocoast, we focus on innovations that protect the marine environment and contain rubbish, pollutants and other debris from leaving our waterways and getting into our oceans. We recently expanded our portfolio to include a focus on products that tackle pollution specifically caused by noise, vibration, plastic and other marine debris.

Our first offering in this area is a range of Bubble Curtains (also often called Air Barriers or Bubble Screens). Our Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains create a subsurface water column barrier that is effective in controlling the movement of floating and subsurface debris, such as plastic, rubbish, silt and sediment, and attenuating shock wave impact from blasting or pile driving to protect marine life.

The curtains are suitable for long-term use in marinas, ports, canals and offshore environments. Installation is made easy due to the stainless steel rope integrated into the ballast core. Running costs are low. Maintenance is kept to a minimum.

Download the datasheet to learn more or reach out to us directly. We are continuing to expand our range of marine solutions, and look forward to introducing these to you over the coming couple of months.