WasteShark – Algae control in lakes and ponds

WasteShark- Algae control in lakes and ponds
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Algae control in lakes and ponds is very important to keep them healthy. Apart from looking unsightly, algae blooms can discolor the water and cause an imbalance in the ecosystem.

Besides removing plastic and other debris, WasteShark can also get rid of algae in lakes and ponds. We have successfully completed tests over the past few weeks, removing algae from different locations in Dubai. The video below showcases the performance of the WasteShark in marine environments where algae are present.

Sensors can be installed on the WasteShark to monitor water temperature, oxygen and nitrogen levels in marine environments, with a view to early identification of algae that can build up, key in countries like the United Arab Emirates in order to stop algae bloom from developing. The data can be retrieved, analyzed and used to make informed decisions to protect the local environment.

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