WasteShark cleaning up Dubai waterways

WasteShark cleaning up Dubai waterways
13th Aug 2018
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The team at Ecocoast was up early last week to demonstrate one of our new pollution management solutions – the WasteShark – to potential clients, together with the RanMarine team. Demos were given at three different locations in Dubai, and more to come the upcoming weeks.

Unlike other inventions to clean the world’s oceans, WasteShark cleans the trash before it ends up in the ocean, making it easier to collect and eventually recycle plastic waste.

It is designed to be used in lakes, ponds, canals and more heavily trafficked environments, such as marinas, ports and coastlines. WasteShark is capable of collecting plastic, rubbish, algae and other debris, including oils and pollutants on the water surface, further helping the environment. It can hold up to 350 kilograms (180 liters) of waste.

WasteShark is environmentally friendly on multiple levels – zero carbon emission, no noise or light pollution.

Contact us for a free demonstration of the WasteShark at +971.4.8853944.