WasteShark – Cleaning Up Our Urban Waters

WasteShark Now In The UAE
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Marine pollution is a rising challenge. 80% of marine debris comes from land-based activities, entering our oceans through waterways, canals, marinas, ports and coastal developments.

At Ecocoast, we are devoted to protecting and supporting our marine environment. We recently partnered with RanMarine Technology to bring its patented waste and data collection vehicle, WasteShark™, to the Middle East.

WasteShark is one of the world’s most technologically advanced, agile and robust waste management solutions. It cleans up waste from our marine environment efficiently. It collects plastics, rubbish, algae and other debris to tackle marine pollution in lakes, ponds, canals and more heavily trafficked environments, such as marinas, ports and coastlines.

It is easy to operate – both human-operated with remote control and autonomous, resulting in lower upfront and operating costs, less maintenance and manual labour compared to heavy equipment. It is also very effective for difficult-to-reach and smaller areas, and leaves zero carbon footprint while it works.

WasteShark is designed to operate inside the Internet of Things. A number of sensors can be added to continuously gather data about the marine environment, to measure for example water quality, air quality and turbidity.

Interested in knowing more? Download the technical datasheet here, or watch the video!