WasteShark – Environmental monitoring

WasteShark – Environmental monitoring
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September 18 was World Water Monitoring Day, established to increase public awareness and involvement in the protection of water quality.

Besides efficiently cleaning up waste from marine environments, WasteShark also plays an important role in the fields of environmental monitoring, information storage and retrieval. Up to 256 different data sensors can be added at any one time to continuously gather data and monitor changes in the environment. The data can be retrieved, analyzed and used to make informed decisions to protect the local environment.

There is no practical limit on what sort of environmental data the WasteShark can collect. If the sensor exists and is N2K compliant (i.e. a maritime standard for electrical fittings), it can be integrated below, on or above the water surface. The sensors can monitor air quality, water quality, sonar scan the seabed, live stream video footage, or measure turbidity, just to name a few. The marine environmental monitoring system also helps control water pollution by for example tracking oil leaks.

The data can feedback in real-time to a command centre, or be stored and aggregated for future analysis to produce an assessment of air and water quality conditions in coastal areas.

WasteShark is designed to operate inside the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling evidence-based management for the smartest, most sustainable and connected ‘Smart Cities’ in the world.

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