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Published on 22 Mar ‘24
World Water Day 2024

March 22 marks World Water Day, a poignant reminder of water’s pivotal role in climate resilience, public health, biodiversity and various other domains. To mark this day, here’s a glimpse into several Ecocoast projects dedicated to tackling critical water challenges.

World Water Day theme

The central theme of World Water Day 2024 revolves around ‘Water for Peace‘. Water possesses the unique ability to either foster peace or ignite conflict. Scarcity, pollution, and unequal access to water resources can escalate tensions among communities and nations alike.

Our efforts encompass a wide spectrum, ranging from ensuring access to clean drinking water to preserving delicate ecosystems. We invite you to join us in exploring how our initiatives are actively shaping a future where water fosters harmony for all.

Ecocoast projects

Maintaining drinking water quality in Belgium

Water-link supplies drinking water to Greater Antwerp, Northern Belgium, using natural sources. However, their large buffer basins face yearly issues with blue-green algae overgrowth. This toxic algae, which can suddenly bloom in vast amounts, challenges the water filtration process at the start.

The algae blooms, especially after warm periods followed by cool spells, form a greenish-blue slime on the water surface in the basins. To stop this slime from affecting the drinking water, we installed a 175m floating oil boom, effectively blocking the slime even in wavy conditions.

The barrier, shaped in a triangle and anchored securely, collects the algae on one side depending on the wind, allowing for easy removal. Our solution ensured that blue-green algae didn’t disrupt drinking water production.

Protecting eel screens on River Bure in the United Kingdom

Eels play a vital role as a primary food source for birds, mammals and large fish within various river ecosystems. As top predators, they help regulate biodiversity, preventing the dominance of any single fish species and thereby maintaining the balance within the ecosystem. Moreover, eels contribute significantly to the cleanliness of rivers, underscoring their importance in preserving these aquatic environments.

Floating debris boom – Courtesy of Essex & Suffolk Water

Essex & Suffolk Water had plans to install specialized screens along the River Bure comprised of fine mesh panels, aiming to protect eels from being drawn into the abstraction point that supplies water to a pumping station in Belaugh village. However, these screens required protection from both passing water traffic and floating debris. This is where our intervention became crucial.

We recommended the installation of Bolina Permanent Debris Booms (PDB600), equipped with customized yellow SP3 1.0m Ø floats and spanning roughly 11m. The booms’ adjustable freeboard and unique kite floats ensure stability in strong currents and adaptability to water level changes, making them a perfect match for the River Bure’s ecosystem.

Guaranteeing the future health and wellbeing of the Manabí province in Ecuador

In response to Ecuador’s severe plastic pollution crisis, Ichthion developed the Azure system to remove plastic debris from the Portoviejo River, a vital water source for the Manabí province. The Portoviejo River serves as a primary water source for both urban and rural populations, supplying water to over 53% of the province’s inhabitants.

Our Bolina Permanent Debris Booms (PDB600-M) are a crucial components of this Azure system, ensuring efficient debris removal while minimizing ecological disruption. This collaborative initiative not only addresses plastic pollution, but also supports biodiversity conservation and community well-being in Manabí province as a whole.

Leading in engineered water solutions

With water pollution continuing to be a worldwide issue, effective solutions like the ones on offer from Ecocoast are a way to address the problem. With minimal maintenance required, a highly effective and robust design, our barriers offer governments, private companies and organisations the chance to clean up their water systems and revitalise their ecosystems and environments.


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