Boating & Jetski Barriers

Creating an enclosed safety zone - Used to restrict marine traffic or designate a protected or restricted area.

Boating and jetski barriers are primarily used in marinas, waterways, open beaches and any other area requiring demarcation to restrict marine traffic or designate a protected or restricted zone.

They can be custom made and are generally made up of a combination of small floats and larger marker buoys connected by high tension lines. In areas of high marine traffic, the barriers are enhanced by larger navigation buoys, to ensure easy visual identification of the barrier.

Bolina demarcation barriers are now also part of our portfolio. These robust barriers are the preferred choice for both British Waterways and the Environment Agency who control the navigable waterways within the United Kingdom - similar authorities overseas have followed their lead.

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Standard Demarcation Barrier Ball Float Demarcation BarrierHeavy Duty Demarcation Barrier
ProductsStandard Demarcation BarriersBall Float Demarcation BarriersHeavy Duty Demarcation Barriers
ApplicationsSolid line barrier manufactured from hard PVC with high tension internal rope. High profile floats for better visibility. Also suitable in wave environments. Highly visible line on the water, marking a demarcation zone.Highly visible and effective safety barrier, installed upstream of hazards to restrain jetskis, kayaks, donut boats and other light crafts.

Standard Demarcation Barriers


Standard demarcation barriers are highly durable, suitable for long-term use and have a broad range of applications in different marine environments.

Their hydro- and aerodynamic design gives them exceptional floating stability and maximum endurance in even the most extreme weather conditions.

To improve identification of the barriers, navigation buoys and lights can be provided to ensure clear demarcation.

Technical Specifications
Models SDB-F2/2
Total Weight 1.95 kg/m
Total Height 400 mm
Freeboard 350 mm
Part Length 2 M
Total Strength 5 Tn
Customization & Add-On Options Demarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring

Ball Float Demarcation Barriers

Ball Float Demarcation Barriers

The Bolina Ball Float Demarcation Barrier consists of 2 hemispherical rotomoulded sections, manufactured from UV stabilized virgin MDPE.

It is an extremely tough and robust small float, ideal for beach markers, small channel identifiers and other uses where a floating line of demarcation is required.

Technical Specifications
Models HBB-400
Total Weight 1.85 kg/m
Reserve Buoyancy 6.7 kg/m
Float Length 50 M
(or customizable)
Float Diameter 400 mm
Float Spacing Every 4 M
(or customizable)
Customization Anchoring 1t gravity anchor every 50M or customizable to suit environmental conditions

Heavy Duty Demarcation Barriers

Heavy Duty Demarcation Barrier

The Bolina Heavy Duty Demarcation Barriers are highly visible and effective safety barriers, installed upstream of hazards to restrain light crafts.

They are easy and rapid to assemble using standard tools. The floats are moulded in a number of standard IALA colors to be either highly visible (red, orange, yellow) or more muted (black, green).

Technical Specifications
Models CAB-600
Total Weight 38 kg/m
Reserve Buoyancy 84 kg/m
Float Length 900 mm
Float Diameter 600 mm
Section Length Customizable
Customization & Add-On Options Demarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring