Boating & Jetski Barriers

Prevent entry from marine traffic.

Boating and jetski barriers are primarily used in marinas, waterways, open beaches and any other area requiring demarcation to restrict marine traffic or designate a protected or restricted zone for safety reasons.

They can be custom made and are generally made up of a combination of small floats and larger marker buoys connected by high tension lines. In areas of high marine traffic, the barriers are enhanced by larger navigation buoys, to ensure easy visual identification of the barrier.

Bolina demarcation booms are now part of our portfolio. The Bolina Hemi Ball Booms are highly visible because of their spherical shape, allowing them to float higher on water.

We can provide the full scope of supply, installation and maintenance.

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Bolina Hemi Ball Booms
ProductsBolina Hemi Ball Booms
ApplicationsHighly visible line on the water, marking a demarcation zone. Ideal for nearshore applications, inland waterways, marinas, private water bodies and nature reserves.

Bolina Hemi Ball Booms

Ball Float Demarcation Barriers

The Bolina Hemi Ball Booms (HBB-400) consist of 2 hemispherical rotomoulded sections, manufactured from UV stabilized polyethylene.

They are extremely tough and robust, ideal for beach markers, small channel identifiers and other uses where a floating line of demarcation is required.

Technical Specifications
Float Weight4 kg
Reserve Buoyancy28 kg
Float Diameter400 mm
ColoursIALA red, green, black or yellow
CustomizationDemarcation lighting for additional safety at night