Bolina Safety & Security Booms

Leading in marine safety & security.

Ecocoast Partners with Bolina Booms

Established in 1998, Bolina Booms® is the leader in the design, development and bringing to market of an extensive range of high-quality booms for the safety of waterways, security of wider assets and protection of aquatic environments.

The Bolina Safety & Security Booms have been effective for the protection of commercial ports, naval bases, force protection and many other critical sites, such as docks, power stations and airport runways. They have proven to provide clear delineation of restricted areas where there may be a risk of intrusion, whether accidental or deliberate.

The booms are the preferred choice for both British Waterways and the Environment Agency who control the navigable waterways within the United Kingdom - similar authorities overseas have followed their lead.

We are happy to be partnering with them, to bring their full range of floating booms to the rest of the world. Get in touch to know more!


Bolina Booms
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ApplicationsSecurity & safety applications

Bolina Safety & Security Booms

Bolina Booms TCB Bolina Booms CSB
Technical Specifications
Canoe BoomsCAB300mm400mm600mm800mm1000mm
Traffic Control BoomsTCB-400mm600mm800mm1000mm
Rope Safety BoomsRSB--600mm800mm1000mm
Chain Safety BoomsCSB--600mm800mm1000mm
Port Security BoomsPSB--600mm800mm1000mm
Airport Security BoomsASB----1000mm