Barka 3 Power Plant Oman, Silt Curtains

Barka 3 Power Plant Oman, Silt Curtains
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Ecocoast was contracted to engineer, manufacture and supply Ecobarrier Silt Curtains for Barka 3 Independent Power Plant (IPP), located approximately 80 kilometers northwest of Muscat in Oman, bordering the Sea of Oman.

Overhaul projects were being carried out to increase the output at the power station.


Existing “off-the-shelf” silt curtains on site were failing. They were not designed for the conditions in the Sea of Oman, where currents are often wind driven with speeds above force 7 Beaufort, producing regular movement of the sea. The silt curtains were also poorly constructed, causing the skirt to be torn off from the curtains and the silt screen floats to snap in half. They were poorly installed and left unmaintained.

When choosing the most appropriate silt curtain, there are many considerations to take into account. A multitude of factors influence model selection and design, going from tidal forces and wave height, to water depth and location, to mention a few.

Ecobarrier Silt Curtains were installed instead, to minimize the damage and protect the area properly. The curtains were specifically engineered for the tough and varying conditions that the marine environment in Oman offers. Anchoring components were supplied as well.


We accomplished the fabrication and delivery ahead of time, exceeding the client’s expectations. The Ecobarrier Silt Curtains met their environmental requirements and fully addressed their issues.