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1,250mm dia Navigation Buoys, Ecobarrier
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Ecobarrier 1,250mm diameter navigation buoys were recently purchased and installed, to mark sensitive areas around a power plant that is currently under construction in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The buoys were fitted with marine lanterns, and included radar reflectors and special marks, all manufactured and designed conform to IALA guidelines (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities).

Unlike most top marks, special marks lack an actual navigational goal. For this particular project, they were used to indicate special areas, displaying yellow flashing lights at night.

The Ecobarrier 1,250mm diameter buoys are manufactured from rotationally molded twin skin design UV stabilized MDPE, to ensure excellent strength and durability. The buoys’ unique flat base design ensures safe storage on ground and on deck. Two lifting points offer superb balance and handling characteristics, increasing workers’ safety significantly and making site manoeuvrability of the buoys the best of any other buoy in their category.


• Made for high UV environments
• Characterized by a superstructure
• Provide excellent stability and strength
• Require low maintenance
• Easy to handle and deploy