Hatta Power Plant, Silt Curtains

Hatta Power Plant, Silt Curtains
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Ecocoast was approached to protect the existing Hatta Dam lake during the construction of a hydro power plant, the first of its kind power project in the GCC, designed to use and store water from the Hatta Dam for generating electricity during peak demand periods.


Full customization of our marine protection barriers – Ecobarrier Silt Curtains and Oil Booms – was a necessity for this challenging and unique project, due to the parabolic surface of the dam and seasonal meteorological influences (e.g. significant rise of water level during the rain season).

Custom skirts were engineered and manufactured, consisting of wide U-shapes and different drops in a number of sizes. Besides Drop Flex, our unique modular connection system, the design of the marine barriers involved several other innovative, site-specific adaptations to protect the area.

Aids to Navigation (AtoN) equipment was also supplied, such as Ecobarrier Floating Buoys with Hyperion lanterns to mark the sensitive areas around the lake and ensure high visibility. The buoys are being held in place with Ecomoor, the next-generation of mooring systems.


The fully customized marine protection barriers were successfully installed to ensure the water quality of the lake will not be affected during the construction works, as can be seen from the satellite photo.