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Coastal Protection Barriers: Geosynthetic Containers (Geobags)
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Ecocoast was contracted to install a retaining wall to protect the hotel’s playground from further erosion.


Shamal season had caused significant erosion to the hotel’s beach, and in particular, strong waves had begun to erode the hotel’s playground area. Following previous Shamal seasons, the beach required consistent nourishing with new high-quality beach sand to provide hotel guests with a pleasant beach, at significant cost to the hotel.


Ecocoast installed a 40m long wall using 5 rows of 5 tonne sand-filled geosynthetic container bags. The retaining wall is a more permanent solution, allowing the hotel to avoid the costly exercise of purchasing high-quality beach sand to re-nourish the beach following each Shamal.

There is also no danger of the hotel’s playground being subjected to further erosion. The sand-filled geosynthetic containers are made from heavy-duty vandal resistant geotextile fabric, and are a softer and more visually appealing structure for hotel guests than a rock wall. They also provide a safe stepped walkway/sitting area for guests.