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World Parachuting Championship
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Ecocoast was contracted to manage all marine works relating to the World Parachuting Championships 2012 in Dubai. The main works related to the Opening Ceremony Event, and included secure mooring of the Mega Yacht “Dubai”, the second largest private yacht in the world at 162m.

M/Y Dubai, being the centerpiece of the Opening Ceremony, was to be securely moored for 3 days close to the rock breakwater to act as a unique “projection screen” for the Opening Ceremony film. This was a world’s first. Other works included supply and installation of a flame barge, installation and repair of pontoons at the Skydive Dubai site to cope with the high volume of traffic.


Design of a safe and practical near-shore mooring location was critical. M/Y Dubai would need to remain in situ for a minimum of 3 days prior to the event, and in a relatively calm location to ensure minimal movement during the Projection Show. A fireworks barge located less than 200m from M/Y Dubai posed an additional obstacle to ensure safety of the yacht, and the Dubai International Marine Club channel would be open at all times, meaning regular flow of traffic in the south channel around the flame barge and M/Y Dubai. Worst-case weather scenarios would need to be considered in the mooring design.


Meticulous planning with risk assessment and accurate seabed surveys to identify the best location, combined with coordinated teamwork to execute were key for this project’s success.  Mooring and installation deadlines were tight to conform with the Opening Event schedule, with no room for delays. The Ecocoast team was on-site day and night to assist the 3D video and fireworks contractors with the flame barge works, and to ensure safe passage of marine traffic through the Marina.