Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains

Used to tackle marine pollution -

An effective solution to control marine pollution caused by noise, silt and debris.



The Ecobarrier Bubble Curtain is a submerged high pressure pipe that runs along the seabed. Compressed air is pumped through the tubing, which creates a wall of bubbles rising to the surface.

The bubbles are permeable to water, however, act as a barrier that is effective in controlling the movement of floating and subsurface debris, such as plastic, rubbish, silt and sediment, and attenuating shock wave impact from blasting or pile driving to protect marine life.


Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains

Ecobarrier Air Curtains

Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains are suitable for long-term use in marinas, ports, canals, intake structures and offshore environments.

Installation is easy, with low running costs and maintenance is kept to a minimum. Vessels can pass over the top of the barrier at any time, so marine traffic can flow freely. They can easily be removed and redeployed at a different location.

Technical Specifications 
Bubble TubingĀ®PVC (formulated for flexibility)
Inside Diameter I.D. = 14.6 - 27.3 mm
Outside Diameter O.D. = 17.8 - 30.5 mm
BallastOutside Diameter O.D. = 24.6 - 39.4 mm
PressureMinimum 1.4 bar | Maximum 4.8 bar
AirflowAeration 4.64 - 18.56 LPM/m
Bubble wall 15.8 - 23.2 LPM/m
Weight0.9 - 1.8 kg/m
Reel Sizes30.5 M | 60 M | 122 M | 182.8 M