Barreras de Contención de Aceites e Hidrocarburos

Proteger el medioambiente marino de vertidos de aceites e hidrocarburos.

Estas se usan principalmente para proteger áreas marinas del daño causado por vertidos de aceites e hidrocarburos. Se pueden implementar en puertos, bahías, proyectos de tuberías y de tomas, y también en puertos deportivos y vías navegables, para protegerlas de vertidos de aceites. Adicionalmente se emplean para proteger zonas marinas de residuos indeseados.

Aparte del diseño y entrega del producto, Ecocoast puede proporcionar un servicio completo incluyendo la instalación, mantenimiento y retirada.

Nuestra experiencia previa en construcción nos permite ofrecer productos probados y ensayados. Al haber usado la gama Ecobarrier® en nuestros propios proyectos, sabemos lo que funciona y lo que no.

Conoce más sobre Marineforce - nuestro propio software de cálculo de barreras marinas para conseguir asistencia gratuita con tus cálculos de esfuerzos.


Ecobarrier Oil Booms: Fence BoomsEcobarrier Oil Booms: Solid Flotation BoomsEcobarrier Oil Booms: Permanent Booms - Harbour Boom
ProductsEcobarrier Foam-Filled Oil BoomsEcobarrier Solid Flotation BoomsEcobarrier Harbour Booms
ApplicationsSuitable for shorter term installations and calm water environments.Suitable for longer term deployment and wider use in low, moderate and high currents.Suitable for permanent installations for petroleum pollution, foam, silt and other marine debris.

Ecobarrier Foam-Filled Oil Booms

Our Ecobarrier® Foam-Filled Oil Booms are typically used for static or low current applications, featuring a series of flat panels that float on the water to contain oil and debris.

The floats are closed-cell to avoid taking up any water. Manufactured in UV stabilized PVC membrane fabric, the booms are fitted with zipties (class I) or ASTM slide connectors (class II) for easy coupling of the panels and quick deployment.

They can be deployed much faster than any other containment boom, due to their design, and come in five sizes.

Technical Specifications
ClassesClass IClass II
Total Height (mm)35050035050075090012001500
Freeboard (mm)150200150200250350425500
Draft (mm)2003002003005005507751000
Ballast Chain (mm)810101012161616
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring; Polyform A-series

Ecobarrier Solid Flotation Booms

Ecobarrier Oil Booms: Solid Flotation Booms

Our Ecobarrier® Solid Flotation Booms can be deployed in various water environments, ranging from low to moderate and high currents.

It is a general purpose boom that will provide years of performance. The boom is made of UV-stabilized PVC membrane with chain ballast, grab handles and anchor points, making it easy to install.

They are available in different sizes and tensile strengths. We also provide solutions for custom requirements.

Technical Specifications
Total Height360 mm460 mm610 mm750 mm920 mm1060 mm
Freeboard160 mm150 mm200 mm250 mm300 mm320 mm
Draft200 mm310 mm410 mm500 mm620 mm700 mm
Panel LengthUp to 30 MUp to 30 MUp to 30 MUp to 30 MUp to 30 MUp to 30 M
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring; Polyform A-series

Ecobarrier Harbour Booms


Our permanent boom – the Ecobarrier® Harbour Boom – is a heavy-duty, durable oil boom designed to stay in the water for years with minimum maintenance.

Typical installations include petrochemical shipping terminals, desalination plants and marinas.

The boom is constructed of very durable high tensile material. Its floats are rotary-moulded, foam filled, long and wide, providing superior buoyancy and high stability in rough water, and eliminating the need for bottom ballast to keep the boom upright.

Technical Specifications
Total Height (mm)4506008009001200
Freeboard (mm)300300300300400
Draft (mm)150300500600800
Panel Length (M)Up to 30Up to 30Up to 30Up to 30Up to 30
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Articulated beacons; Ecomoor; Anchoring