Event Equipment Hire

A fleet of marine equipment available for hire for events or other purposes.



Ecocoast supplies marine equipment on a hire-only basis, or provides the full service including manpower. Non-event equipment is also available for hire, such as spud barges and Cherrington beach cleaners.


Floating pontoons for events Boats for events
TypesFloating PontoonsWork Boats
DescriptionCan be assembled in an indefinite variety of shapes and sizes. Used for fireworks displays, sports competitions, dance parties.Used for fireworks projects and a number of media projects as camera boats to help produce TV commercials that go live.

Floating Pontoons

Ecocoast Event Equipment Hire


Technical Specifications
Type Catamaran Pontoons Plastic Pontoons Pontoons Steel Pontoons
• 10m2
• 16m2
Modular Modular 56m2 Modular 18m2
Total Deck Area • 9.6m2
• 16.8m2
(5.6m x 3.0m)
Any size 56.25m2 (configurable into multiples of 18.75m2 up to 56.25m2) 18m2 per unit
Dimensions • 5.5m x 2.3m x 1.7m
• 6.0m x 3.75m x 1.95m
Each unit measures 500mm x 500mm x 400mm 7.5m x 7.5m
3 no. 7.5m x 2.5m
6m x 3m x 1m
Weight • 250kg
• 250kg
7kg each Approximately 6t per unit
Maximum Payload • 500kg
• 500kg
300kg/m2 at 100%; 150kg/m2 at 50% single layer 5t
Mooring 4 point or 2 point mooring options

Work Boats

Ecocoast Event Equipment Hire

Technical Specifications
Name Tintin TCB Sinbad Alibaba
Registration DC149 DC385 DC202 DC291
Length 6.0m 10.4m 8.5m 8.8m
Width 3.2m 3.65m 2.3m 2.1m
Depth 1.7m 0.8m 1.2m 1.1m
Capacity 6 persons 10 persons 8 persons 8 persons
Engine 2 x 115 HP Outboard 2006 (4 stroke) 2 x 115 HP Outboard 2015 (4 stroke) 2 x 115 HP Outboard 2006 (4 stroke) 2 x 115 HP Outboard 2007 (4 stroke)
Build Year 2010 2010 2000 1999