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Our Foundation

The foundation of the Ecocoast brand can be traced back to the company founders Lachlan Jackson and Dana Liparts, who identified a gap in the market for solutions for sustainable coastal and marine development.

They founded Ecocoast Contracting in 2009 to offer specialist marine and coastal protection services. Since that time, they have been a pioneering force behind the introduction of alternative marine and coastal protection solutions in the GCC. The first sand-filled geosynthetic container installation was carried out on Sir Bani Yas Island by Ecocoast. The company also introduced for the first time in the region an environmentally-friendly technology for marine pile protection, which increases the lifespan of marine piles.

The contracting business was resorting to procuring marine barriers for its construction projects from overseas. Not only did this result in long delivery times and increased cost, but the barriers also did not stand up to the quality or performance standards required. This led Ecocoast to start designing and manufacturing marine barriers for use on its own projects. Contractors are not known for their delicate nature, so the barriers needed to be robust, easy to handle and install, and perform as required to ensure no downtime onsite.  

Following years of in-house testing, and a growing demand for high strength marine barriers globally, the Ecobarrier® brand was officially born. Initially focused on contractor barriers, such as silt curtains and debris barriers, the range later diversified to include marine and coastal protection barriers. 

A decade later, Ecocoast manufactures the largest range of marine protection and demarcation products in the world across a range of sectors with a focus on heavy-duty, engineered barriers. Ecocoast was responsible for introducing the strongest silt curtain to the global market in 2015, and the first to design and manufacture a successful screen for The Ocean Cleanup's System 001.

In 2019, Ecomoor was launched - the next-generation of mooring systems designed and manufactured in the UAE, and Hyperion marine lanterns to offer a complete marine navigation solution and make it easier for clients to navigate safer & smarter.

Today, growth continues as the business expands into new geographies, new product and service areas, and even new industry sectors. Ecocoast is well on its way to being the global leader in pioneering solutions for sustainable coastal and marine development.

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