Ecobarrier Floating Buoys

Used as demarcation for shallow water or nearshore installations.

The Ecobarrier® Floating Buoys are designed for inland waterways.

The 650mm buoys are mainly used for shallow water or nearshore installations. They are ideal for marking safe water zones and limits of swimming areas, temporary construction areas and racing marks. The buoys are approved and specified by Dubai Municipality in the United Arab Emirates. A certificate can be provided upon request.

The 400mm buoys are constructed for mooring or demarcation. They are spherical shaped with stainless steel inserts, greatly reducing current drag and improving mooring performance.

All buoys are available in yellow, red or green, as per IALA recommendations E-108.

To summarize, what are their benefits?

• Small and light weight for easy installation.
• Made for high UV environments; color will not fade or bleach.
• Integrated central pipe to allow customization.
• Complete closed-cell PU foam filling, designed to float even if outer shell is ruptured.

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EFB-400 Ecobarrier Floating BuoyEcobarrier Navigation Buoys: Floating Buoy EFB-650
ProductsEcobarrier Floating BuoysEcobarrier Floating Buoys
ApplicationsDemarcation or mooring.Shallow water or nearshore installations.

Ecobarrier Floating Buoys

Ecobarrier Floating Buoys

Manufactured from strong, durable UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene, the buoys are filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam for additional strength and durability. Small and lightweight, they are rotationally molded with a wall thickness of 6-7mm. They can be customized with on-mould or mould-in graphics.

Technical Specifications
Diameter400 mm650 mm
Nom. Draft130 mm160 mm
FloatationClosed-cell PU foam
Wall Thickness6 mm7 mm
ColorYellow, red or green, as per IALA recommendations E-108
Reserve Buoyancy30 kg82 kg
Total Weight3.5 kg20 kg
Maximum Mooring Weight20 kg82 kg
Customization & Add-On OptionsOn-mould and mould-in graphics; Hyperion marine lanterns; Ecomoor; Anchoring