Ecobarrier Light Buoys

Used as demarcation at night.

Ecobarrier Light Buoys, ELB-range, are mainly used for demarcation at night. They are ideal to demarcate nearshore and sheltered areas with water depths up to 5 meters, or dangerous and restricted areas.

The Light Buoys are designed and manufactured in-house. They are an autonomous navigation solution with light inside the core, making the buoy glow in the dark. Ecobarrier Light Buoys, ELB-range, are powered by Hyperion HL-1, an up to 1.8 watts solar module.

They can be customized for brand promotion purposes for events, demarcation at beach resorts or floating light gardens, just to name a few as their usage is extended to a wide range of applications. A company logo can be placed on the buoy or a message to promote an event, a restaurant, product or service. Ecomoor, the next-generation of mooring systems, can also be offered here as an add-on option.

What are their benefits?

• Night visibility, ideal for events or as floating light garden.
• Can be customized for regulation or branding purposes.
• For extreme weather conditions.
• Closed-cell PU foam, providing additional protection in an unlikely event of damage.

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Ecobarrier Light Buoys
ProductsEcobarrier Light Buoys
ApplicationsDemarcation at night for nearshore and sheltered areas.

Ecobarrier Light Buoys

Ecobarrier Light Buoys

The Ecobarrier® Light Buoys are ideal to aid safe navigation and demarcate marine and coastal areas at night.

Besides providing navigational directions, the Ecobarrier Light Buoys can be used to identify dangerous or restricted areas, and for brand promotion for events and beach resorts. A company logo can be placed on the buoy or a message to promote a business, a product or a service.

The 750mm buoy is manufactured from strong, durable UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene, and filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam to maintain floatation in case outer shell is ruptured.

Technical Specifications
Main SupplyLED lightSolar LED panel, powered by Hyperion
Solar Module1 wattMonocrystalline (1.8 watts)
Battery1.8Ah Ni-MH
(1.2 voltage)
6Ah Lithium-ion
(3.7 voltage)
Total Weight19 kg45 kg
Wall Thickness7 mm7 mm
ColorWhite as per IALA recommendations E-108
Max. Mooring Weight110 kg60 kg
Customization & Add-On OptionsOn-mould and mould-in graphics;
Brand promotion; Regulatory use; Ecomoor; Anchoring