Ecobarrier Light Buoys

Used as demarcation at night.


Ecobarrier Light Buoys designed with safety and visibility in mind for a variety of applications such as night swimming beaches.

Introducing the Ecobarrier Light Buoys, range ELB, designed and manufactured with safety and visibility in mind for a variety of applications, such as night swimming beaches, floating light gardens, beach resorts, and events on the water.

These buoys provide an innovative and autonomous lighting solution to demarcate and secure marine spaces, such as nearshore and sheltered areas up to 5 meters in depth. They feature light inside the core that illuminates during nighttime hours for improved visibility, taking nighttime activities at your venue to the next level.

The Ecobarrier Light Buoys allow swimmers to enjoy safe night swimming. They are, however, not just limited to nighttime swimming. They can also be used for hotels, events, lakes and waterways to illuminate marine spaces.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way of demarcating marine spaces - get in touch with us today and discover how our Ecobarrier Light Buoys could work for your business! Simply fill out the form, send us an email, or call us.



Ecobarrier Light Buoys
ProductsEcobarrier Light Buoys
ApplicationsDemarcation at night for nearshore and sheltered areas.

Ecobarrier Light Buoys

Ecobarrier Light Buoys

The Ecobarrier® Light Buoys are ideal to demarcate marine and coastal areas at night.

The buoys can be used to identify dangerous or restricted areas, and for brand promotion for events and beach resorts. A company logo can be placed on the buoy or a message to promote a business, a product or a service.

Technical Specifications
Main SupplyLED light
Solar Module1 watt
Battery1.8Ah Ni-MH
(1.2 voltage)
Total Weight19 kg
Wall Thickness7 mm
ColorWhite as per IALA recommendations E-108
Max. Mooring Weight110 kg
Customization & Add-On OptionsOn-mould and mould-in graphics;
Brand promotion; Regulatory use; Ecomoor; Anchoring