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A fleet of marine equipment available for hire or sale.



Ecocoast supplies equipment for hire or for sale.

Plastic modular pontoons are our most popular items. They can be assembled in an indefinite variety of shapes and sizes to suit any requirement you may have. The floating pontoons have a diverse range of accessories that can be fitted to them to extend their use further, such as timber or steel decking, handrails, bollards, access ladders and rubber fenders. Our plastic modular pontoon units have been used for events like fireworks displays, sports competitions and dance parties.

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Floating Pontoon, Four SeasonsAlibaba boatCavitation Cleaning MachineHopper Machine
TypesFloating PontoonsWork BoatsCavitation Cleaning MachineHopper Machine
DescriptionUsed for fireworks displays, sports competitions, dance parties, concerts, stages, swim and dive platforms.Used for fireworks projects and a number of media projects as camera boats to help produce TV commercials that go live.A revolutionary new way to clean and maintain underwater structures.Used for filling of geosynthetic containers or similar applications.

Floating Pontoons

Ecocoast Event Equipment Hire


Technical Specifications
TypeCatamaran PontoonsPlastic PontoonsPontoonsBlock Barge
Total Deck Area16.8m2Any size (modular)56.25m2 (modular)52.5m2
Dimensions6.0m x 3.75m x 1.95mEach unit measures 500mm x 500mm x 400mm7.5m x 7.5m
3 no. 7.5m x 2.5m
7.5m x 7.0m x 0.56m
Weight250kg7kg each3,000kg
Maximum Payload500kg300kg/m2 at 100%; 150kg/m2 at 50% single layer5t6,000kg
Construction5mm rolled steel floatsHMWHDPESteel frame with gratings, HDPE floatsS275 hollow section with foam-filled HDPE floats

Work Boats

Ecocoast Event Equipment Hire

Technical Specifications
Capacity6 persons10 persons8 persons8 persons
Engine2 x 115 HP Outboard 2006 (4 stroke)2 x 115 HP Outboard 2015 (4 stroke)2 x 115 HP Outboard 2006 (4 stroke)2 x 115 HP Outboard 2007 (4 stroke)
Build Year2010201020001999

Hopper Machine

Hopper Machine

Hopper Machine


Technical Specifications
NameJetpump Hopper
Hopper Volume7.5m3
Screen Size50mm
Intake Size6''
Discharge Size8''
Max Flow Rate60m3/hour
Build Year2011