Swimming Barriers

Create an enclosed safe swimming zone.

These barriers are primarily used on open beaches of hotels, resorts or beach clubs to segregate and protect swimming areas and/or prevent entry or incursion from passing boats and jetski traffic.

They can also act as a simple demarcation to restrict boat access and designate construction zones. The barriers can be custom made and are generally made up of a combination of small floats and larger marker buoys connected by a high tension floating rope or tension lines.

In areas of high marine traffic, the barriers are enhanced by larger navigation buoys, to ensure easy visual identification of the barrier.

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Standard Recreational Barrier
ProductsStandard Recreational Barriers
ApplicationsDesigned for open beaches to act as a simple demarcation for swimmers and marine traffic. The low profile prevents dragging or damage due to waves.

Standard Recreational Barriers


The standard recreational barriers are manufactured using durable, UV-stabilized lemon floats, which are “rubber-like” in softness and flexibility. They are ideal for open beaches to protect swimmers.

The barriers are made up of a combination of small yellow floats and large red marker buoys connected by a high tension rope, and can be enhanced by larger navigation buoys and lights to improve visibility during day- or night-time navigation.

A temporary jellyfish net can also be attached to the barriers for easy removal for storage or cleaning.

Technical Specifications
TypesType IType II
Total Height110 mm147 mm
Floatation170 x 110 mm EVA floats180 x 147 mm EVA floats
Rope18 mm18 mm
Total Strength3.8 Tn3.8 Tn
Customization & Add-on OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Polyform A-series