Smart waste control solution to protect and support our marine environment.

The amount of debris entering our oceans is estimated at 5.3 to 14 million each year, the majority of which is plastics. About 80% of debris comes from land-based activities, entering our oceans through waterways, canals, marinas, ports and coastal developments. Our portfolio of marine pollution management solutions currently includes Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains, WasteShark, Containment Booms and Acoustic Barriers.

WasteShark tackles marine pollution caused by plastics, algae and other debris, and plays an important role in the field of environmental monitoring. Up to 256 different data sensors can be added at any one time to continuously gather data and monitor changes in the environment. It is available for purchase, rent or through a service contract to keep disruptions to a minimum. Ecocoast is flexible when it comes to scheduling, covering both standard operating hours and off-peak hours.

Our current pollution management solutions are just the start of our journey. Developments are already underway to bring new product solutions to market.

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