Ecocoast - Who We Are

About Us

Ecocoast Contracting LLC provides a unique portfolio of marine, coastal protection and demarcation solutions to answer the marine industry's most pressing coastal problems.

Its core business provides specialist marine contracting and coastal protection services to developers, contractors, operators and governments, primarily in the United Arab Emirates. The business also designs, manufactures and distributes globally a range of marine protection and demarcation barriers under the brand Ecobarrier.

Over the years, Ecocoast has serviced a large client base of multinationals spread over the Middle East, North and East Africa, including the Indian Ocean. Offering a complete turnkey solution, Ecocoast’s services cover the full lifecycle of a marine or coastal project from development and protection, marine infrastructure, to operation and maintenance.

Ecocoast is at the forefront of designing, constructing and installing practical, environmentally friendly, alternative marine structures and materials, in order to reduce the impact on marine or coastal environments.

Ecocoast uses its coastal and marine expertise to fully understand each unique environment, and its practical experience to design and construct a holistic solution, best suited to the environment and its clients' specific needs.

Lachlan Jackson, Managing Director at Ecocoast, was recently selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur by a panel of seasoned business leaders from the US, Europe, MENA and Asia. Endeavor is a non-profit organization that works to catalyze long-term economic growth by mentoring the best high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. 

A pioneer by continuously setting new standards
in marine, coastal protection and demarcation solutions.