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Bolina Marine Security Booms

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Bolina Marine Security Booms, featuring the PSB1200, are purpose-built to excel in the most rigorous marine conditions.

The PSB1200 is engineered as a dual-function security boom, providing both visual and physical barriers to prevent watercraft from entering restricted zones. These booms are fully customizable with fences for added protection. The fences are affixed to the top of the floats to increase height, obstruct visibility and enhance stopping power.

Designed for turbulent waters, the booms remain unsinkable even if the outer shell is compromised, boasting an extreme break load of 72 tons to endure any impact.

Additional customization options are available. The booms can also be equipped with spikes, offering an intimidating visual deterrence as well as functional physical benefits. Engineered to pierce inflatable, fiberglass and aluminum hulls to halt watercraft in their tracks.

Discover unparalleled security with the PSB1200 — where reliability meets customizable protection.

  • Product code



  • Product customizations


    Mould-in graphics, end connections, fence attachment, warning signage/graphics, access gate

  • Product add-ons


    Demarcation lighting

  • Locations


    Industrial & critical infrastructure, and other high-security locations

  • Tidal flows


    Moderate to very strong (> 1.5m/s)

  • Waves


    Short duration or extended exposure (> 1.5m)

  • Installation duration


    Long-term to permanent


To be your turnkey partner throughout every stage of the marine barrier lifecycle, addressing your coastal and waterway challenges with a commitment to prioritizing performance, longevity and sustainability.

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