Containment Booms

Control foam & floating debris to prevent water pollution.

Containment booms are floating barriers used to contain floating debris such as plastic, rubbish, silt and sediment, or other pollutants that enter our waterways through construction, development and everyday living. The booms help tackle pollution, providing easy removal from the water.

Ecocoast engineers, manufactures, supplies and installs different types of containment booms under the brand Ecobarrier®.

As every construction site and marine environment is different, they can be custom designed and manufactured to suit the project requirements.

Having a contracting background, we provide after-sales support that cannot easily be matched. Our containment booms have been successfully implemented in several locations throughout the world.

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Containment Boom Range
ProductsEcobarrier Foam BoomsEcobarrier Debris Nets
ApplicationsEcobarrier Foam Booms are suitable for areas with different current intensities that require containment of high volumes of surface foam.Ecobarrier Debris Nets block or capture almost all types of floating debris, including jellyfish.

Ecobarrier Foam Booms


Our Ecobarrier Foam Booms are used to block or capture high volumes of surface foam or debris. They are available in four different classes built to withstand low, medium or heavy currents.

The booms are made of UV stabilized PVC membrane fabric in yellow color, but can be produced in different color variations upon request.

To improve identification of the Ecobarrier Foam Booms, navigation buoys and Hyperion lanterns can be provided to ensure clear demarcation of the area and an improved night-time lit environment. Further customization is available, as we always aim to meet the needs and requirements of client specific marine environments.

Technical Specifications
ClassesClass IClass IIClass IIIClass IV
Total Weight2 kg/m4 kg/m7-8 kg/m14 kg/m
Total Height500 mm600 mm850 mm1,150 mm
Freeboard150 mm200 mm350 mm650 mm
Draft350 mm400 mm500 mm500 mm
Panel Length25 M25 M20 M20 M
Fabric Tensile Strength63 kN63 kN84 kN84 kN
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring; Polyform A-series

Ecobarrier Debris Nets

Ecobarrier Debris Nets

Our Ecobarrier Debris Nets are mainly used to block or capture almost all types of floating debris, including jellyfish, as well as prevent extended pollution at the same time.

They are designed for long-term use in most marine environments and weather conditions, and consist of rotationally molded UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene floats.

Technical Specifications
Freeboard250-500 mm250-500 mm
Draft0.5-10.0 M0.5-10.0 M
Panel Length10-30 M10-30 M
Available ColorsFloats in red, yellow, white and black
Fabric in red, black and light grey
Customization & Add-On OptionsDemarcation lighting powered by Hyperion HL-1; Marine buoys; Anchoring