Marine Navigation

A complete range of marine navigation solutions for safer & smarter navigation worldwide.

Ecocoast offers a complete marine navigation solution to aid safe navigation worldwide: Marine Buoys, Marine Lanterns and Marine Mooring Systems.

A couple of years ago, we teamed up with GISMAN to deliver one of the most comprehensive lines of marine buoys. Besides GISMAN buoys, our portfolio also includes Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys, Mooring Buoys, Light Buoys and Floating Buoys. All marine buoys are successfully being used to demarcate a variety of marine and coastal areas, such as waterways, marinas, rivers, port entrances, ocean and offshore locations. The buoys can be customized with solar lanterns, are highly visible conform to IALA guidelines (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities), and most importantly, are designed for harsh UV environments, using the highest quality UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene.

We also provide a range of self-contained solar LED marine lanterns for demarcation purposes, featuring an up to 6 nautical miles visible range. Existing smaller lanterns in the market did not satisfy our needs, which drove us to launch Hyperion to offer a better quality product.

Ecomoor completes our AtoN package, a pioneering, highly sustainable alternative to traditional mooring systems. Unlike chains and wire ropes, Ecomoor®, the next-generation of mooring systems, does not damage sensitive marine environments due to the neutral buoyancy of its mooring line.

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Engineered marine navigation products for safe navigation worldwide.