Dewatering Containers

An effective solution for sludge dewatering applications.


The use of geotextiles manufactured into large bags or tubes to form an alternative solution for coastal protection or temporary marine structures has developed into a well accepted engineering methodology. In more recent times, the use of such materials has been extended to include the effective dewatering of a wide variety of sludge and dredged materials.

Our Dewatering Containers are designed and manufactured in-house, under the brand Ecobarrier®. We offer Ecobarrier® Dewatering Bags and Tubes.

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ProductsEcobarrier Dewatering BagsEcobarrier Dewatering Tubes
ApplicationsDewatering of a wide variety of sludge and dredged materials.

Ecobarrier Dewatering Bags & Tubes

Ecobarrier Dewatering Bags are for smaller volume dewatering projects. They are constructed from a robust geotextile fabric to contain sludge and dredged materials from sites.

Unlike the bags, the Ecobarrier Dewatering Tubes are perfect for large-scale projects. Due to their high strength and large capacity, they are used extensively in municipal water & waste water treatment projects.

Both in-house engineered and manufactured products provide a more innovative, efficient and cost-effective alternative than the more traditional methods.

Every dewatering project is unique. As such, general guidelines can be described, however each project requires consultation with one of our marine experts to identify the project requirements and design the dewatering process accordingly.

Our Ecobarrier Dewatering Bags & Tubes are available in a range of sizes depending on the project.