Ecobarrier Silt Curtains - Type II
Published on 31 May ‘17
What are silt curtains (turbidity curtains)?
Ecobarrier Silt Curtains - Type II

Silt curtains (also called turbidity curtains or turbidity barriers) are vertical barriers positioned within the water to contain the fine particles of silt that are discharged into the water from dredging, construction or reclamation activities. Today, they are being used for a much wider range of purposes, from dewatering, outfall containment to intake protection and many other projects where sediment control is required.

What is the purpose of silt curtains? The aim of silt curtains is to act as a settlement pond and allow the silts time to settle within the contained area to reduce the spread of silts. They are not designed to impound water completely and it is reasonably expected that some silts will move underneath. By allowing the silt to settle from the upper portion of the water body, the area of spread will be limited significantly and the chance of the silt being re-suspended will be reduced, mainly because of controlled flow velocity.

How do silt curtains work? Silt curtains enclose turbidity and minimize influence on outside area. Enclosed by silt curtains, current velocity inside is much lower than outside velocity, meaning that silt curtains are accelerating sedimentation of silt by reducing flow velocity.

Silt curtains are suitable for shallow water environments with water depths less than 10 meters. As the water depth increases and turbulence caused by currents and waves increase, it becomes increasingly difficult to effectively isolate the dredge operation from the ambient water.

Where are our silt curtains coming from? Ecobarrier has been manufacturing silt curtains since 2007 and is the only manufacturer of the full range of silt curtains in the EMEA region (Type I, Type II, Type III and Type IV). The silt curtains are manufactured in the UAE (our production facilities are based in Dubai Investment Park), which reduces regional shipping times and costs, and can be tailored to suit specific conditions and project requirements. Being part of a contracting business, Ecocoast, we understand both the design and installation requirements, and specifically design the silt curtains for durability, ease of installation and long-term use to reduce replacement and repair costs.

Interested in knowing more? Get in touch with our experts to get more information on model selection, installation, maintenance, etc.

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