Navigation Buoys

Demarcate a variety of marine areas -

UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene solutions for high UV weather conditions.

The products are successfully being used to demarcate a variety of marine areas, such as waterways, marinas, rivers, port entrances, including estuary, ocean and offshore locations.

They can be customized with mould-in graphics, solar lanterns/panels, signage, radar reflectors or monitoring systems. They are highly visible, conform to IALA guidelines, and most importantly, designed for harsh UV environments such as the Middle East, using the highest quality UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene.

The buoys are designed to seamlessly connect with other marine demarcation barriers.


Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys: Navigation Buoy
ProductsNavigation Buoys
ApplicationsNearshore, waterways, marinas, ocean and offshore installations.

Navigation Buoys

Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys

The 750 mm Ecobarrier Navigation Buoy (pictured above on the left side) is ideal for nearshore and sheltered areas, and has the highest focal plane height of any other buoy in its category.

Six more navigation buoys were added to the existing range throughout the year, suitable for nearshore, ocean and offshore locations, including 1,250mm diameter buoys (pictured on the right side).

All buoys are manufactured from strong, durable UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene, and filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam to maintain floatation in case outer shell is ruptured.

Technical Specifications       
Diameter (mm)6007501,2501,8002,4003,0003,600
Min. Draft (mm)2602051309409101,5101,455
Max. Freeboard (mm)180145320370400590645
FloatationClosed-cell polyethylene foam
Wall Thickness (mm)1171111111111
ColorAs per IALA recommendations E-108
Reserve Buoyancy (kg)45654158601,6804,0206,380
Adjustable Ballast (kg)152001603208001,000
Overall Weight (kg)30401357001,0202,1002,300
Max. Mooring Weight (kg)27652055108401,9802,430
Customization OptionsMould-in graphics, navigation lights, top marks, radar reflectors, solar panels, monitoring systems

Case Study

Dubai Power Plant, Navigation Buoys

Ecobarrier 1,250mm diameter navigation buoys were recently purchased and installed, to mark sensitive areas around...