Navigation Buoys

For demarcation and navigation purposes in marine, coastal and offshore areas.

Ecocoast offers one of the most comprehensive lines of marine Aids to Navigation (AtoN) solutions to aid safe navigation worldwide. A full range of navigation buoys, lanterns and mooring systems is available. More here about Hyperion, solar LED marine lanterns for demarcation purposes, and Ecomoor, the next-generation of mooring systems.

We provide GISMAN Polyethylene Buoys and an in-house designed and manufactured range of buoys under the brand Ecobarrier®. All navigation buoys are successfully being used to demarcate a variety of marine and coastal areas, such as waterways, marinas, rivers, port entrances, ocean and offshore locations. We call our full offering ‘Navigating Smart’ to help you navigate smarter.

All buoys can be customized with mould-in graphics, solar lanterns/panels, signage, radar reflectors or monitoring systems. They are highly visible, conform to IALA guidelines (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities). They are designed for harsh UV environments, using the highest quality UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene. In addition, they seamlessly connect with other marine demarcation barriers.

Get in touch to find out how to navigate safer & smarter. Our team is highly trained in identifying the right specifications & designing navigation requirements, as per IALA norms.


Ecocoast - Aids to Navigation
ProductsEcobarrier Navigation BuoysGISMAN Navigation Buoys
ApplicationsNearshore, waterways, marinas, ports, ocean and offshore installations.

Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys

Ecobarrier Navigation Buoys: Navigation Buoy ENB-750

The Ecobarrier® marine buoys range is designed for harsh UV environments, using the highest quality UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene.

They are highly visible, conform to IALA guidelines, and designed to seamlessly connect with other marine demarcation barriers.

Technical Specifications
Models ENB-400 ENB-600 ENB-700 ENB-750 ENB-1200
Diameter (mm) 400 600 700 750 1200
Focal Plane (mm) 620 1,000 1,235 1,450 1,650
Nom. Draft (mm) 120 180 265 235 300
Floatation Closed-cell PU foam
Wall Thickn. (mm) 7 7 7 7 9
Color As per IALA recommendation E-108
Reserve Buoyancy (kg) 10 32 60 60 490
Total Weight (kg) 4.5 23 35 45 110
Customization & Add-On Options On-mould and mould-in graphics; Hyperion marine lanterns; Ecomoor; Anchoring

GISMAN Navigation Buoys

Ecocoast - Aids to Navigation

Ecocoast boasts a comprehensive range of high quality, performing Aids to Navigation solutions suiting all marine environments.

Eight more navigation buoys were added to the existing Ecobarrier® range a couple of years ago, suitable for proximity beaconing, shallow waters, fast current zones, port beaconing, semi-exposed or sheltered sites, coastal and offshore applications.

All buoys are manufactured from strong, durable UV-stabilized virgin polyethylene, pre-compounded to reduce colour ageing and with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foaming. EPS foaming offers many advantages, such as higher buoyancy, higher impact resistance, 95% water tightness and no impact on the environment. EPS is used for all GISMAN buoys, offering a clear advantage over other buoy manufacturers.

Technical Specifications
Models GBP-900 GBR-1250 GBP-1500 GBP-1800 GBM-2000 GBM-2500 GB-2600-ECO GBM-3000
Diameter (mm) 900 1,250 1,500 1,800 2,000 2,500 2,600 3,000
Volume (m3) 0.2 0.4 0.8 1.7 3.1 5.25 5.6 7.5-12
Focal Plane (mm) 1,150 1,500-1,900 1,400-2,100 2,500 2,500-4,200 2,700-3,900 2,700-3,900 4,000-6,200
Min. Draft (mm) 150 200 400 650 1,200 1,200 1,100-4,200
Wall Thickn. (mm) 7 7 8.5 10 10 10 10 12
Color As per IALA recommendation E-108
Reserve Buoyancy (m3) 0.2 0.3 0.7 (SS)
0.6 (ES)
1.3 2.1 4.1 4.6 5.9-10.2
Ballast (kg) 85 205 480 415 400 415-520
Overall Weight (kg) 20 105-110 150 (SS)
160 (ES)
400 1,040 1,130 1,000 1,400-2,100
Customization & Add-On Options Mould-in graphics; Hyperion; Ecomoor; Anchoring

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