We offer pontoon rentals, boat rentals and beach cleaning services. Our pontoons are customizable and quick to assemble, ideal for events of any size. Our work and crew boats ensure unmatched safety and professionalism. Our beach cleaning services use Cherrington self-propelled cleaners to aerate sand, screen out debris and leave a smooth, well-groomed beach. Choose us for comprehensive solutions for your marine and beach maintenance needs!

Elevate Your Marine Event With Ecocoast

We specialize in designing, constructing and installing temporary marine facilities for events of all sizes. From national celebrations to intimate venue openings, our event services cover everything from planning and government approvals to construction, installation and removal. Our extensive experience spans events like the UAE National Day and New Year’s Eve fireworks, as well as corporate and entertainment spectacles.

Our Ecofloat Pontoons are fully customizable, available in various shapes and sizes to suit any venue or event requirement. Quick to assemble and dismantle, they feature a range of accessories such as decking, ladders, bollards and handrails, ensuring adaptability to diverse event needs.

Experience Safe & Professional Boat Rental With Ecocoast

Discover our upgraded ALI BABA work and crew boat, designed for unmatched safety and a professional, modern look. The boat is equipped with essential safety features including navigation light, search light, horn, 20 life jackets, 2 life buoys, first aid kit, EPIRB, and fire fighting and pyrotechnical equipment as per TASNEEF GCC code.

Choose Ecocoast for boat rentals that ensure a safe and professional experience on the water.

Experience The Difference: Cleaner & Safer Beaches

Our Cherrington 5500 self-propelled beach cleaners aerate the sand, screen out debris beneath the surface, and pick up surface litter, returning the sand to the beach and removing larger debris for a smooth, well-groomed finish. We use interchangeable screen sizes for efficient cleaning, with multiple passes often recommended.

We offer beach cleaning services are available throughout the UAE. Maintenance frequency varies based on sand quality, tidal environment, debris amount and area size. For new or unmaintained beaches, we recommend an initial deep clean followed by maintenance 1-4 times per week. We provide flexible scheduling, including night operations to avoid daytime disruptions.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our marine products and services! Our team is ready to assist you.