Coastal Protection Barriers: Geosynthetic Containers
Published on 21 May ‘18
Sustainable marine solutions: Geosynthetic containers
Coastal Protection Barriers: Geosynthetic Containers

Sustainable development is more than a trend – it is the new reality. The shift towards sustainable development is not only apparent in the Western world, but also in this region. Governments, private companies and consumers are all becoming more aware of the part construction plays in protecting the environment. The way we think about construction matters a lot, especially given the global population growth, particularly in coastal areas, growth of seaborne trade and global tourism. Construction has the capacity to make a major contribution to a more sustainable future. 

Sustainability is a fast-moving field and client expectations are rising. We are seeing increased demand for marine and coastal structures to be designed and constructed using alternative and sustainable methods. The solutions that will endure will be those that offer a combination of sustainable, practical and commercial benefits.

Geosynthetic containers are not a new solution. They have been used as an alternative solution for coastal protection or temporary marine structures for over 50 years. However, there is a growing interest, as they have proven to be time and cost saving, highly sustainable, easy to install and remove for a variety of marine and coastal projects.

The challenge with geosynthetic containers is that there is no one-size-fits-all, and often they may not be the best or most effective solution. In-depth knowledge, skills and experience in the design and installation of these structures is required to determine material selection, detailed design, product dimensions and installation methodology.

Supported by our experienced design and engineering teams, we have a track record of successfully designing, constructing and installing structures using geosynthetic containers. We were responsible for the first sand-filled megacontainer installation in the United Arab Emirates in 2007, and have been designing and installing these custom engineered solutions across the Middle East, Africa and Asia over the past 20 years.

As the leading turnkey design-to-installation provider of geosynthetic containers in the region, we would like to share our insights into the uses, benefits and nuances of geosynthetic containers. Click on the below options to continue:

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