Self-contained solar LED marine lanterns for demarcation purposes.

Hyperion Marine LanternHyperion® is a range of self-contained solar LED marine lanterns for demarcation purposes, temporary works and nearshore applications. Hyperion marine lanterns feature an up to 5 nautical miles visible range. Existing smaller lanterns in the market did not satisfy our needs, which drove us to launch Hyperion to offer a more suitable product for this region.

The body is made from aluminium. As a result, Hyperion marine lanterns will not fail as easily as others of their kind. The lanterns come with monocrystalline solar panels, making them more efficient, perform better in low light conditions, and giving them a longer lifespan. In addition, they use Lithium-ion batteries, which are more efficient than their Nickel Metal Hydride counterparts. Monocrystalline solar panels and Li-ion batteries can better stand warmer environments. This all makes Hyperion the ideal solution for the Middle East where heat, humidity and dust storms are among the most severe environmental problems.

Our Aids to Navigation (AtoN) offering is now complete. A full range of marine buoys, marine lanterns and mooring systems, both traditional and ecomoorings, is now available in the region.

To know more, visit our Marine Buoys page, or Ecomoor page here. Alternatively, get in touch with us to find out how to navigate safer and smarter.


Hyperion Marine Lanterns
ProductsHyperion Marine Lanterns
ApplicationsIdeal for marker, nearshore and ocean buoys. For marina, beach, nearshore, port, harbour and navigation channel lighting.
Hyperion Marine LanternsHyperion Marine LanternsHyperion HL-1, HL-3 and HL-5 are self-contained solar LED marine lanterns, giving a visible range up to 5 nautical miles. The monocrystalline solar module is made out of the highest-grade silicon, ensuring the highest efficiency rates. All marine lanterns are IP68 rated with a humidity resistance of 100% and a warranty of 2 years.
Technical Specifications   
Light Characteristics
Light SourceLED technologyLED technologyLED technology
ColorsRed, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, as per IALA E-200-1
Visible Range1-2NM at 0.74T2-3NM at 0.74T3-5NM at 0.74T
Flash Patterns256 user-adjustable flash patterns
Solar Module & Battery Characteristics
Solar ModuleMonocrystalline (1.8 watts)Monocrystalline (3.0 watts)Monocrystalline (24.0 watts)
Battery6Ah Lithium-ion (3.7 voltage)8Ah Lithium-ion (3.7 voltage)VRLA battery (12.0 voltage)
Physical Characteristics
Environmental Characteristics
WaterproofIP68 ratedIP68 ratedIP68 rated
Customization & Add-On Options
Marine buoys; Ecomoor