Published on 19 May ‘21
Ecocoast’s light accessories keep your barriers safe and secure


Find out how Ecocoast’s range of light accessories help keep barriers safe and secure.

Floating barriers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the various environmental and water conditions a client’s project may encounter. With the size and weight of these barriers varying according to their usage, they always come with buoys that act as shock absorbers to reduce forces from waves and provide a horizontal pull to avoid submersion.

However, these buoys can present a hazard to unwary marine navigators, particularly at night or when visibility is poor. Therefore, at Ecocoast, we released a range of light accessories for marine barriers – light attachments and light buoys. They ensure enhanced visibility day and night, all around the demarcated area, making them an ideal choice to improve safety and reduce the chance of damage to the floating barriers from the impact of watercraft.

Both powered by Hyperion HL-1, these light accessories are rated IP68, which makes them suitable for use in all weather conditions. The lights are self-contained, operated by solar LED power, and small and lightweight, making them easy to install. They have an up to three nautical mile visibility and need little to no maintenance.

The body of the light attachments is made out of aluminium, which means it will not fail as easily as other competing models. It also comes with monocrystalline solar panels, which are more efficient and can perform even in low light conditions. Furthermore, the attachments use lithium-ion batteries, which are more efficient than the nickel metal hydride options available. Additionally, monocrystalline solar panels and lithium-ion batteries operate better in warmer environmental conditions, making them the ideal choice for many parts of the world. For further technical specifications, the Hyperion HL-1 datasheet can be downloaded HERE.

The light buoys are an autonomous navigation solution with light inside their core, making the buoys glow in the dark. Besides providing additional safety at night for marine barriers, they can also be customized for brand promotion purposes for events, demarcation at beach resorts or floating light gardens, just to name a few as their usage is extended to a wide range of applications. A company logo can be placed on the buoys or a message to promote an event, a restaurant, product or service.

Our light accessories are in stock and ready to be shipped out with orders for marine barriers, like Ecobarrier Silt Curtains, Oil Booms, Debris Booms and Bolina Booms. We also offer a complete range of Aids to Navigation, in addition to these light accessories. These include marine buoys, lanterns and mooring systems (both traditional and ecomooring).

All these options and more are easily available, so get in touch with us now to find out how you can keep your marine barriers safe and secure.

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