Aids to Navigation

Aiding safe navigation worldwide.

At Ecocoast, we offer a complete Aids to Navigation solution to demarcate marine, coastal and offshore areas, and make it easier for you to navigate safer and smarter.

We provide Ecobarrier and GISMAN navigation buoys, available in many sizes suitable for all types of marine applications. Hyperion, a range of self-contained solar LED marine lanterns for demarcation purposes can be bundled with the navigational buoys to help you save money and time. And in addition, we launched the next-generation mooring system a while back under the brand Ecomoor – one of the world’s first eco-friendly alternative to traditional mooring systems available for worldwide distribution.

Our Aids to Navigation offering comes with Moorforce, an advanced, proprietary software that helps you understand the forces placed on marine buoys and aid in mooring requirements.

Contact us to find out how to navigate safer & smarter.