Beach nourishment – Dubai Marina

Beach nourishment – Dubai Marina
28th Aug 2017
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Ecocoast has recently carried out beach nourishment and profiling works in Dubai Marina with the objective of minimizing the effects of erosion.

We installed and profiled over 2,300m3 of high quality beach sand to reinstate the beach back to its original condition, and subsequently, maintain an adequate recreational beach.

Beach nourishment is increasingly being recognized as an effective way to create wider beaches, protect shoreline structures, reduce erosion scarp and sand loss. Compared with other methodologies to combat coastal erosion problems, beach nourishment is not only more flexible, but also offers multiple benefits, such as safeguarding the environment and improving the aesthetics of beach & leisure facilities.

To know more about our beach nourishment activities and implementations in the region, call us at +971.4.885 3944 or fill in your details here.