Published on 11 Jan ‘24
Bolina Watercraft Safety Booms withstand arctic winter conditions
Bolina Watercraft Safety Booms withstand arctic winter conditions

Bolina Watercraft Safety Booms: A winter defense against nature’s fury

As a series of powerful winter storms sweep through parts of the US and Canada, we are reminded of the force of winter and need for preventative measures to protect against it. Our Bolina Watercraft Safety Booms have proven themselves capable of withstanding severe weather conditions, such as winter storms and freezing temperatures, without compromising the purpose of the boom – to protect.

Engineering resilience

The safety booms are synonymous with durability and reliability. They are able to withstand arctic winter conditions and storms due to their engineered design and innovative materials, which include:

  1. A high quantity of powder is used in the float moulding process. This creates a thicker float – measuring 6mm instead of the standard 4mm – making them more resilient to freezing temperatures.
  2. These foam-filled floats are not air-filled like competitor booms, meaning water is unable to penetrate, freeze and sink the float. This makes the booms virtually unsinkable.
  3. Lastly, high-quality galvanized shackles are used to secure the booms, making them weather resistant.

We take pride in the resilience of our booms, especially designed to endure the harshest of winter conditions. Our materials and designs are meticulously engineered to withstand cold weather climates, exemplified in regions like Northern Europe, the UK, the US, and Canada. Over the last two decades, our booms have demonstrated their ability to withstand the rigors of extreme arctic winters.

Safety booms in action

Bolina booms are the preferred choice for Staatsbosbeheer
De Biesbosch National Park

This is evident in booms deployed in the Netherlands at De Biesbosch National Park – one of the largest national parks in the country, and one of the last extensive areas of freshwater tidal wetlands in Northwestern Europe (see photo on the left). One of the reasons the range was chosen to protect this crucial ecological area was because of its performance in harsh winter conditions.

Similarly, our booms are currently utilized at Lac L’Heureux Dam in Canada, situated near Saint Colomban in Québec (see photo at the top). This location, prone to challenging winter weather, further attests to the effectiveness of our Bolina Watercraft Safety Booms in providing reliable protection for critical water environments.

Ensuring longevity: Booms built to last

These floating safety booms are capable of operating for years with minimal maintenance, can be easily assembled with simple tools, and deployed at fully customisable lengths across a variety of roles and environments.

Ecocoast, The Marine Barrier Company, is the leader in engineered solutions for the protection of coastlines and waterways. Contact us today to discuss how our safety booms can protect your environment against the harshest winter conditions. Let’s ensure the longevity of your water assets together.

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