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Published on 23 Apr ‘24
Case Study: Replacing Failing Booms at Hydro Plant in Ecuador
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We recently secured a tender for the Manduriacu Hydro Power Plant in Ecuador. The primary objective of this project was to replace failing booms spanning 330 meters, to stop debris from reaching the generator. This was crucial to keep the hydroelectric plant running smoothly and safely.

The Manduriacu Hydroelectric Power Plant: Powering communities with river energy

The Manduriacu Hydroelectric Power Plant, boasting a capacity of 65 MW, is located in the provinces of Pichincha and Imbabura, strategically serving Quito and Cotacachi cantons, as pictured on the map. The plant utilizes the waters of the Guayllabamba River, averaging an annual flow of 168.9 m3/s, making it an ideal source for sustainable power generation.

Bolina Log Screen Booms: Enhancing hydro safety and efficiency

In response to the tender requirements, we proposed the implementation of Bolina Log Screen Booms (download datasheet). Known for their effectiveness in mitigating debris accumulation, these booms are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while maintaining their structural integrity.

They have been successfully implemented in major hydro projects worldwide, spanning across continents. Examples include: Loc Quebec in Canada, Belena Dam in Spain, and Kariba Dam in Zambia. These successful deployments highlight the effectiveness of Bolina Log Screen Booms in protecting critical infrastructure and preserving the integrity of hydropower systems.

Case Study: Replacing failing booms at hydro plant in Ecuador

After securing the bid, our team proceeded with custom designing and manufacturing the booms to fit into the existing infrastructure. Subsequently this phase required not only technical expertise but also innovative problem-solving to deliver a solution that exceeded expectations. Our commitment to precision and efficiency led to a successful integration.

Enhancing operational efficiency and environmental sustainability

The implementation of Bolina Log Screen Booms at the Manduriacu Hydro Plant in Ecuador marks a significant advancement in improving operational efficiency and safety. With full confidence in the effectiveness of our solutions, we stand ready to address any challenges that may arise in the hydroelectric sector, reinforcing our dedication to sustainable energy practices.

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