Ecocoast's dive services
Published on 16 Apr ‘19
Dive services at Ecocoast
Ecocoast's dive services

Ecocoast can provide a wide range of dive services to access underwater structures and marine habitats for inspections, cleaning, repair and surveying purposes.

Our professional diving team has over 25 years of combined experience in the field of commercial and marine diving for coastal and marine development projects. They are dedicated to safety, undergoing regular in-house safety and task training programs to enhance their skills.

Our divers can undertake the following: 

  1. Marine barrier and jellyfish net maintenance & cleaning to remove marine growth, barnacles and other sharp objects that can present a serious hazard to swimmers.
  2. Navigation aid positioning, including maintenance & cleaning of buoys, lanterns and anchoring.
  3. Removal of subsurface debris and rubbish, such as plastic, metal and sharp rocks.
  4. Underwater surveying (videos/photos), as per client requirement.
  5. Installation of Ecobarrier products for coastal and marine protection, demarcation, navigation and pollution management applications (Ecobarrier Bubble Curtains, Debris Nets, Oil Booms, Jellyfish Nets, Recreational Barriers, etc).
  6. Environmental projects, eg. installation of marine pile jackets to transform piles into vertical reefs with increased biodiversity and productivity.

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