Maldives seminar – Sustainable marine solutions
Published on 26 Nov ‘17
Maldives seminar – Sustainable marine solutions
Maldives seminar – Sustainable marine solutions

Ecocoast Founder and Managing Director, Lachlan Jackson, just came back from the Maldives where he spoke at a seminar about solutions that protect and support coastal development.

Over 60% of the world’s coral reefs are under threat from local pressures, such as coastal development, pollution and overfishing. Take into account global threats such as climate change, and this increases to over 75% of the world’s coral reefs. What’s more is that coral reefs are not just an integral part of the world’s marine ecosystem, but marine tourism contributes a significant amount to many countries’ GDP. Over 15% of GDP in many countries and territories. Coral reefs also play an important part in shoreline protection. They protect over 150,000km of shoreline in over 100 countries and help defend against erosion and storms.

While global pressures such as climate change require robust strategies and global cooperation, there is much we can do immediately to mitigate against local pressures caused by coastal development and pollution. At every stage in the coastal development lifecycle from initial development, marine infrastructure through to operation and maintenance, we can use more sustainable marine solutions that will have a real impact on protecting the world’s marine environment and coastlines.

Coastal Development Cycle

The key challenge is ensuring effectiveness of these solutions in protecting the marine environment, which is critical at both the selection and implementation stages. Many sustainable marine solutions are new technologies with no industry standard or regulation, and little reliable information on their effective selection or implementation. All too often, this leads to an incorrect solution or inferior product being implemented, or the correct solution being incorrectly installed. This can result in more environmental damage than what the solution was intended to protect, and in most cases, distrust and disfavour among contractors and others.  

If we are to move forward with the effective adoption of sustainable marine solutions, the solutions need to be regulated by environmental agencies and municipalities; understood by all parties involved in approval, selection and implementation; and strike a balance between being effective and practical to implement, so as to not burden the development process.

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