Ecocoast acquires Bolina
Published on 09 Sep ‘20
[NEWS RELEASE] Ecocoast acquires Bolina
Ecocoast acquires Bolina

Ecocoast acquires Bolina to provide unprecedented access to marine solutions globally


Ecocoast, a global leader in engineered solutions for sustainable coastal and marine development founded by Australian entrepreneurs Lachlan Jackson and Dana Liparts, announced today that it has acquired Bolina, the European leader in marine safety, security and environment booms, headquartered in the United Kingdom. The acquisition allows Ecocoast to offer its clients an unmatched range of environmental, safety and security solutions globally.

The Bolina acquisition brings together the best of two worlds. Both Ecocoast and Bolina are leaders in their respective core markets. Ecocoast with coastal and marine protection, demarcation and navigation; Bolina with safety and security booms.

The inclusion of Bolina’s brand will allow Ecocoast to offer safety and security solutions globally for inland waterways, dams and critical infrastructure. Similarly, the acquisition will give Bolina, with its headquarters remaining in the United Kingdom, a platform to grow on a global scale.

“I am excited that Bolina is joining the Ecocoast family,” said Lachlan Jackson, CEO at Ecocoast. “The current team at Bolina has done an amazing job, building Bolina to the brand it is today. We believe our values and our vision for the future are highly aligned.”

Jackson added, “The synergies are substantial and will help strengthen our market position as the leading provider of marine products globally. The combined strength of our marine engineering expertise together with a broader product offering enables us to provide a more comprehensive solution for our clients, to keep the world’s waterways healthy, safe and secure.”

Now in 50 countries, Ecocoast is continuing its expansion internationally and bringing new solutions for a better marine environment to market, to achieve its mission of solving the world’s most pressing marine problems.


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The full news release can also be found on our media webpage: https://www.ecocoast.com/in-the-media.

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